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原名:Trio又名:Leave No One Behind

分类:剧情  地区:蒙古  年份:2022 

主演:Battumur Dorj Batnyambuu Enkhtaivan Bold-Erdene Sugar 

导演:Battumur Dorj / 





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Plot Summary:Jam is a young adult with Down syndrome, born in a remote area of Mongolia. His mother sacrificed herself to defend his human rights and chose to live in a remote quite area, away from people in order to raise her son peacefully and to protect him from social discrimination. For that purpose, she let her youngest daughter be adopted by another family and left the town to raise her son by engaging in wildlife. In spite of the difficulties of Down syndrome, thanks to his mother's enormous care and tireless efforts, he learned to do the basic housework like everyone else and grew up a healthy child. His mother was the centre of his life and he loved her infinitely. As the years rolled by, Jam's mother unfortunately passed away. Jam accidently met with a monk at a difficult time when he could not understand or reconcile his mother's death as a common symptom of Down syndrome and his IQ level. The monk, who had been practicing meditation in the wild for a long time, helped Jam by performing the traditional Mongolian ritual of open air burial . The ceremony involved putting a mark on the mother's body in line with the Mongolian nomadic custom, allowing her to recognize it when she is reborn or reincarnated. Jam mourned the sudden loss of his beloved mother for some time, but he had to return to normality and living his life independently. His sister was pregnant when their mother died and five years later, she went to visit Jam with her daughter, at the site his mother had been buried. Jam suddenly spotted his mother's mark on his niece's little hand and was overjoyed. This is the nature of love, the interdependence of man and nature, the eternal lineage of the mother and offspring, the meaning of human life. A human life is nothing but a dwelling in the intertwined trinity of the past, present and future or in the realm of the TRIO under the father heaven and the mother earth. There is no way one can escape in between the two. Humans come onto earth and return into earth, and that is the only truth. Even as time passes, attuned mental talk between the mother and the child, breathing and living under the sun with one heart do not fade but become more like an eternal spiritual lullaby to each other, and this is the natural law. The tendency to be rude, overly compassionate, or discriminating against people with Down syndrome, as well as rude explanations in connection with the words Mongol, Mongoloid and Mongolism, have not disappeared from our society. The world speaks many languages, but we have only one common language. This is love. Leave no one behind!







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